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Pedagogical sciences
Analysis of the physical development of Kursk children actively involved in sports with the standards of the Central Federal District and WHO

Kuleznev Vl. Ni., Stepanova Ma. E.., Zaytseva Ol. V..

UDK: 613.95:796(470.323)
BBK: 51.283
Article received: 06.12.2016
Article accepted for print: 24.02.2017
trans.date_of_release: 14.04.2020
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Somatometric indicators of young football players, children and adolescents of Kursk, Moscow and WHO, distributed over 6 age groups (8 ages, 10-15 years) are considered. To characterize the intensity of development over time, we used statistical indicators obtained by comparing the levels with each other, resulting in a system of indicators of dynamics: absolute growth, growth rate, growth rate, growth rate.



Somatometric indicators, dynamic series, intensity of development.


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Kuleznev Vl. Ni. 305040, Kursk, 50 Let Oktyabrya Street, 94, Russian Federation

Stepanova Ma. E.. Kursk, Chelyuskintsev-st., 19, Russian Federation

Zaytseva Ol. V.. 105082. Moscow. Perevedenovsky per. 5/7. Russian Federation