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Волонтерская деятельность: модный тренд или жизненная позиция?

Sinyaeva Ma. Iv., Vorona An. Al., Shumskikh An. Al.

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BBK: 60.561.7
Article received: 30.01.2017
Article accepted for print: 25.03.2017
trans.date_of_release: 14.04.2020
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In this article, the features of volunteer activity, related primarily to its purpose, are considered. This kind of activity is an element of social responsibility and the highest manifestation of a developed civil society. The authors consider this direction as two components: a fashionable trend and a vital position. In the first case, it is not entirely correct to call this element volunteer, but many people use it. This is the relevance of this topic.




volunteer, volunteer activity, youth, volunteer activity, volunteering.


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Sinyaeva Ma. Iv.

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