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From Technogenic Society to the nature similar technologies

Backsanskiy Ol. Ev.

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The origins of the development of the concept of technogenic social development (as complementary to the ideas of post-industrial theory) date back to the works, written in the late twentieth century and is dedicated to scientific and technological development of the industrial society. In subsequent years, the most comprehensive justification of this theory was obtained in the works of E. S. Demidenko and E. A. Dergacheva, representatives of scientific and philosophical research school for socio-technogenic development of the world, which emphasize that the study of "industry" socio-economic relations does not allow to build strategic forecasts global interrelated changes in society and the biosphere. Therefore, they extend the understanding of ongoing social change, emphasizing that globalizing technogenic social development leads to spread of the artificial environment of life of the population (technosphere), mainly in the cities, the increase in transient transformation of socio-natural processes. Taking into account the specifics of the orientation of the artificial development of societies E. A. Dergacheva introduces clarifications to the existing terminology, introduces and proves new concept of "industrial-technogenic", "post-industrial-technogenic society" that allows you to expand the possibilities of philosophical and scientific studies of contemporary world processes. As a continuation of the theory of socio-technogenic development in her researches formed a new direction in the study of international global studies – sociotechnonatural globalization carried out on the basis of the study of integrated development of society, the biosphere and the artificial world, the establishment of new interconnected patterns of development of the world.  This fundamentally new approach to the analysis of social transformations allows one to realize the need for the development of interdisciplinary studies in the world and Russia for the purpose of formation adequate to the realities of the program of sustainable co-evolutionary development.




technogenic society, technogenic rationality, social-technogenic development, socio-techno-natural processes.




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