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Pedagogical sciences
Convergent education and pragmatism by Richard M. Rorty in the context of vocational education.

Backsanskiy Ol. E.., Yemelyn Il. A..

UDK: 378
BBK: 74.48
Article received: 02.06.2017
Article accepted for print: 21.08.2017
Article released: 14.04.2020


In article the review of modern researches in the theory of knowledge is given, the new interdisciplinary direction setting as the purpose research of biological prerequisites of human knowledge and an explanation of his features on the basis of the modern synthetic theory of evolution is considered. Application of evolutionary approach allows to allocate a new foreshortening in the theory of knowledge. This approach is based on rationalistic installation and is focused on consideration of real cognitive processes, on research of real informative process by modern science.



science philosophy, theory of knowledge, science methodology, interdisciplinary approach.


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