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Pedagogical sciences
Modular video lectures: assessment of effectiveness.

Prirodova Ol. F.., Nikishina Ve. B..

UDK: 378.147.31
BBK: 74.026.31
Article received: 30.05.2017
Article accepted for print: 22.08.2017
trans.date_of_release: 14.04.2020
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Introduction. The article presents a study of the evaluation of the effectiveness of modular video lectures in the space of continuous education. The purpose of this work is to study the effectiveness of the modular video lecture in comparison with the traditional lectureand lecture without visualizing the presentation of information on the parameters of brain activity of students.

Materials and methods. The study included 40 students of 3-5 courses at the age of 20-23 years. To achieve this goal was used the Functional Biocontrol Biological Feedback. The main parameter is EEG (Alpha-index).

Results. The conducted research allows revealing advantages of video lecture with the modular representation of the content in comparison with the traditional auditor audiolection, expressed in the absence of the listener’s “satiety” effect; high concentration of the listener; a high level of consolidation of the trainee’s material.
The conclusion. The author notes that the introduction of video lectures in the educational process will help to raise the level of training, expand the practical possibilities of using telecommunication technologies in higher education.



continuous education, modular video lecture, alpha rhythm.

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Prirodova Ol. F.. Moscow, st. Ostrovityanova, 1, 117997, Russian Federation

Nikishina Ve. B.. Kursk, ul. K.Marksa, 3, 305041, Russian Federation