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Psychological sciences

Kuznetsova Al. A.., Vorobyova Ve. V.., Zolotareva Ir. V.., Morenko Ir. M.., Ushakova Na. I..

UDK: 37.03:37.062.3
BBK: 74.204.43
Article received: 21.11.2018
Article accepted for print: 26.02.2019
trans.date_of_release: 14.04.2020
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The article presents the data of the bibliometric analysis on the problem of studying the personal characteristics of children of primary school age. The results of an empirical study of the characteristics of personal development of children of primary school age (self-esteem, anxiety) are described. Most students have high self-esteem, which is normal for their age. However, some children were found to have a low level of self-esteem. In the study of the level of anxiety of first-graders identified the presence of problems in various fields. The scientific novelty of the research is connected with the fact that this research was conducted within the framework of age psychology and pedagogical psychology. The practical significance of the study lies in the possibility of developing on the basis of empirical data of the program of support of personal development of children of primary school age in order to optimize the process of adaptation to school.




primary education, primary school age, self-esteem, anxiety, adaptation to school education.





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Morenko Ir. M.. 305004 Kursk, Blinova lane, 7A, Russian Federation.

Ushakova Na. I.. 305004 Kursk, Blinova lane, 7A, Russian Federation.