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Backsanskiy Ol. Ev., Skorobogatova An. V.

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Understanding the meaning of its existence is the main and significant task of mankind, which has been of concern to it since long ago. For young people, questions about the meaning of life are most frequent and particularly pressing, for there comes an understanding of life not as a series of random disparate events, but as a whole process having a certain direction, continuity and meaning. Wondering about the meaning of life, a young man thinks at the same time about the direction of social development in general, and about the specific purpose of his own life. In youth, the development of values, value orientations, life plans takes place, independence is approved, then the personality is adjusted to find life meaning aimed at the future. The question of the meaning of life in youth is often seen as a plan that should be implemented soon.


world picture, meaning of life, education, cognitive science, life plan.

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