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N 2 (27) 2021
Publication Date: 30.08.2021
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Novikova Sv. Ni., Ketova Na. Al., Lebedev Yu. Iv.

UDK: 378.147-056.24
BBK: 74.50:74.480.27
Article received: 12.05.2019
Article accepted for print: 30.08.2019
trans.date_of_release: 14.04.2020
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The features of the rehabilitation and correctional direction in teaching phthisiology of students with disabilities using the original methodology developed by the department for classroom independent work in a democratic style of pedagogical communication, the use of coaching and self-control of knowledge, as well as with the participation of students in a volunteer movement aimed at rehabilitation are considered patients with pulmonary tuberculosis.


Phthisiology, student training, independent work, coaching, self-monitoring, volunteering

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Novikova Sv. Ni.

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Ketova Na. Al. K. Marks-st, 3, Kursk, 305041, Russian Federation

Lebedev Yu. Iv. 305041 Kursk, st.K. Marx, 3, Russian Federation