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Psychological sciences

Ketova Na. Al., Nikulin Ef. An., Ilyin Mi. Yu., Pirogova So. Ol.

UDK: 316.613.43
BBK: 88.544.4
Article received: 20.07.2019
Article accepted for print: 30.10.2019
trans.date_of_release: 14.04.2020
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The article provides an overview of scientific studies describing the phenomenon and structure of aggressiveness in the student community. The variety of external manifestations of this phenomenon of aggressiveness makes it possible to study it in detail. An empirical study of the level of aggressiveness of KSMU students was conducted using the Bass-Darki interrogation technique. The results are processed and conclusions are drawn that contribute to the normalization of the level of internal and interpersonal aggression in the youth environment.


period of youth, aggression, aggressive behavior, comparative analysis.

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Ketova Na. Al. 305041 Kursk, st.K. Marx, 3, Russian Federation

Nikulin Ef. An.

305041 Kursk, st.K. Marx, 3, Russian Federation

Ilyin Mi. Yu.

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Pirogova So. Ol.

305041 Kursk, st.K. Marx, 3, Russian Federation