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N 2 (27) 2021
Publication Date: 30.08.2021
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Publication date: 31.10.2021
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Ivanov Al. Vi., Nikishina Ni. Al.

DOI: 10.21626/j-chr/2020-2(23)/7
UDK: 378.12
BBK: 74.480.42
Article received: 05.05.2020
Article accepted for print: 29.06.2020
trans.date_of_release: 29.06.2020

The authors are deeply grateful to Natalia Pavlovna Altunina and Irina Viktorovna Altunina for editing the manuscript.

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The article is devoted to the biography of teachers of the Kursk State Medical Institute (KGMI). They worked at the Department of Histology, Embryology, Cytology before the Great Patriotic War and after it. All of them took part in the Great Patriotic War. They contributed to the development of the department. These scientists stood at the origins of the formation and post-war restoration of Kursk State Medical University.


Kursk State Medical Institute, Department of Histology, Great Patriotic War 1941-1945, V.I. Deshevy, Ya.S. Androsov, M.N. Rinchino, I.D. Richter, Z.F. Fedorova, Z.N. Gorbatsevich.

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Ivanov Al. Vi.

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) Head of the Histology, Embryology, Cytology Department E-mail: 305041 Kursk, st.K. Marx, 3, Russian Federation Doctor of Medical Science Professor

Nikishina Ni. Al.

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) Assistant of the Histology, Embryology, Cytology Department 305041 Kursk, st.K. Marx, 3, Russian Federation Candidate of Medical Sciences