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Publication date: 31.10.2021
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Psychological sciences
Problems of thinking and speech development in young children

Sorokoumova El. Al., Artemieva Ta. V..

DOI: 10.21626/j-chr/2020-3(24)/1
UDK: 159.922.72
Article received: 04.06.2020
Article accepted for print: 24.09.2020
trans.date_of_release: 24.09.2020
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This article will consider the problem of the development of thinking and speech in children of modern society at an early preschool age using play situations. Experts have come to the conclusion that the leading activity for children is a play form. It causes the qualitative development of the child as a person, as well as develops speech and thinking.


speech, thinking, play activities, plot play, children’s activities, cooperation, adult - child.

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Sorokoumova El. Al.

Moscow State Pedagogical University Professor of Psychology of work and psychological counseling Department 127051, Moscow, Maly Sukharevsky lane, 6, Russian Federation Doctor of Psychological Sciences Professor

Artemieva Ta. V..

graduate student 127051, Moscow, Maly Sukharevsky Pereulok, 6.