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Publication date: 31.10.2021
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Pedagogical sciences
Features of the educational process in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

Shuteeva Ta. Vl.

DOI: 10.21626/j-chr/2020-3(24)/6
UDK: 378.147
Article received: 20.08.2025
Article accepted for print: 20.09.2018
trans.date_of_release: 20.09.2024
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At the moment, universities are faced with the task of training highly educated specialists [1]. The process of teaching medical students as high-class professionals is subject to corresponding requirements. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, working conditions were defined at Kursk Medical University, implying an emphasis on the active introduction of distance learning into the pedagogical process (including to ensure the safety of the health of students and teachers, and the prevention of covid infection). Despite the specificity of distance education, which does not imply active face-to-face interaction “student-teacher-patient”, work experience has shown that distance learning for medical students can be actively used in the educational process as an alternative form of education in a pandemic and other emergency situations.


humanitarian and natural science education, methodology and technology of education, philosophy of education, meaning of life.

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Shuteeva Ta. Vl.

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) Associate Professor of the Neurology and Neurosurgery Department E-mail: 305041 Kursk, st.K. Marx, 3, Russian Federation Candidate of Medical Sciences Associate Professor